Down the Rabbit Hole: Gen-Xpiracy Theories and Y2K

The Splintering

If you are old enough to vaguely remember your parents panicking over Y2K, then you are old enough to remember a time when the FBI was cool, tossing plastic waste into the trash made it disappear, and being a conspiracy theorist was not only associated with voting for (non-descriptive color and political animal mascot).

However, if that does not sound familiar to you, here is a quick refresher:

Thanks, Best Buy

No Prince, we will not be partying like…

1999 – tension and dread were spreading across the world, as a computer virus (or error rather) known as the Y2K bug was lurking, ready to set off an apocalyptical chain of events capable of total, global destruction.

The Y2K bugrepresented a digital doomsday clock that was ticking down (or in this case, up) to midnight, December 31st. The culprit: modern technology (Well, modern by 1999 standards – e.g…

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