Ancient Mythology: The Proto-Indo-European Pantheon

European Origins

  1. The Indo-European Languages
  2. The Proto-Indo-European Pantheon
    1. The Sky Father
    2. The Dawn Goddess
    3. Mother Earth
    4. The Thunderer
    5. The Nephew Of Waters
    6. The Smith God

There is something fascinating about the Gods of cultures past. No matter if you’re talking about the deities of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Celts or Scandinavians – there is something almost primordial in these stories, hinting at their origins shrouded deep within human history.

And indeed old they are! Comparative Mythology (literally the comparison of different aspects of a culture’s myths and legends to another) has yielded astonishing results, suggesting that the deities of these ancient peoples are much older than anyone expected and rooted in the mythical world of the Proto-Indo-European pantheon.

There are many gods which we will recognize in the Norse Thor, the Roman Jupiter, the Vedic Indra and other mythological beings in the various Indo-European pantheons. Their functions and their names changed over…

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