West to wreck Yemen peace process. France and UAE invaders to Steal Yemeni Gas to fuel economic war on Russia

The Free

11 Sept 22 by Robert Inlakesh twit at @falasteen47 from a Western Banned Agency via thefreeonline

France is ready to destroy the country’s ceasefire in a bid to secure energy. Yemen is a resource rich country, with a starving population, being torn apart by foreign powers,

Modern Colonialism: the US backed Saudis, UAE and now France invade and carve up parts of Yemen (worse than Russian agression!) while the US, UK, France, Spain, Italy etc cash in on huge armament contracts to fuel the war

Strained by the consequences of the ongoing conflict between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, France may be destroying all prospects for peace in Yemen, in a bid to secure energy resources from the United Arab Emirates.

French-made Weapons Used Against Civilians in Yemen’s Rising Death Toll

Considered to be home to the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history, according to the United Nations, earlier…

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