Ukraine Strikes Back – Counteroffensive in Kharkiv Region (The Russian Invasion of Ukraine #183)

Europe Between East And West

There is a before and after dividing line that is becoming clearer in the chronology of the Ukraine-Russia War as autumn approaches. This dividing line can be drawn from the point where Russia called an operational pause at the beginning of July. Before then, there was Ukrainian victory around Kyiv and the northern part of the country. This was followed by the Russians rolling forward into the Donbas behind massive artillery barrages that bombed everything in their way to oblivion. At the beginning of July, the Russians called an operational pause after they took Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk. The idea was that the Russian Army needed to lick its many wounds while shoring up their ranks by bringing in fresh reserves or returning wounded veterans to the front. They would then restart offensive operations and finish off their conquest by capturing the forty percent of Donetsk Province that was not already…

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