The Future of Shopping

Tennessee Drifter

Today, when I go to my local HEB (grocery store for those who do not live in Texas), I find myself weaving around a variety of “personal shoppers” and their multi-level carts as they select items for as many as eight customers at a time. This is not a criticism of HEB, they, like others, are simply responding to the reality of the times.

Twenty years ago, the concept of “personal shoppers” and curbside pickup was not something any of us thought about. But suddenly a pandemic and many advances in technology allowed people to shop and buy what they need, without risk of being exposed to the virus that gripped the nation.

Today, the virus is still here. Many do not believe the risk today is as great as when the pandemic first hit, but the “personal shopper” and curbside pickup trends seems to be growing and will likely…

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