Fighting Monarch

In the film, Inglorious Basterds, by Quentin Tarantino, an English spy, who speaks oddly accented German, gives himself away through dactylonomy.

In Continental Europe, as in South America, people count to five starting with their thumb, for one, their index finger, for two, their middle finger, for three, their ring finger, for four, and their pinkie, for five.

But in Great Britain, as in North America, people count to five starting with their index finger, for one, their middle finger, for two, their ring finger, for three, their pinkie, for four, and, only then, their thumb for five.

This difference does not only give away spies in the movies, as it did in history, but it gives them away in real life.

I learned self-observation from a student of John Godolphin Bennett, the English spymaster, who learned from George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, the Russian spymaster.

And I learned awareness of…

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