Mandates and “guidelines” aren’t laws, only legislatures have power to make laws-Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox from group that won lawsuit vs overreach of NY State Gov. Hochul and her Dept. of Health

Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

In the history of mankind, no government has ever taken power from the people and voluntarily given it back.The people have to demand it back!”…NY State Supreme Court judge ruled NY State’s Isolation and Quarantine regulation ordered by Governor Hochul, DOH Commissioner Bassett, the Department of Health, and the Public Health & Health Planning Councilto be illegal. “This “regulation” is really a law that the Governor and DOH are illegally forcing on the people. Only the Legislative branch has the power to make law.”

9/8/22, Mandates vs. Laws: Is there a difference? ABSOLUTELY!Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox Substack

“Before COVID19 was released on our shores,

most Americans didn’t really ever give this a second thought.

Yet, here in New York, when King Cuomo (as many common-sense New Yorkers dubbed him)

forced everyone into lockdown in March of 2020[enabled by Trump decree],with…

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