A Nickel For Your Thoughts

When a market is no longer a market – is exactly what this tactic was. True Supply v Demand has always had an ugly relationship with Speculation.

The wrong people were getting the benefit of the price surge – so they shut it down.

The farm confiscation, the bamboozlization of reality, the propaganda on false narratives, the bug diets…they want to see how much they can Destabilize it all …

The American Sun

By Timocrat

On Tuesday March 8th an event happened at the Nickel Exchange that is very ominous for our world at large and you in particular, that few outside the markets would have noticed and fewer still would have understood. For a day on the metals market the price of nickel went through the roof from 30,000. USD to 101,365 USD before being shut down. That would be noticeable in itself, but what happened afterwards is even more stunning. The authorities not only shut down the market, but erased the whole day and cancelled all the derivative contracts for that day. Including the over-the-counter sales made in total. This has brought lawsuits up the whazoo as this is really unprecedented.

Why was simple capitalism in this metals market routed with little logical reasons given? Well to answer this will take a long article, and this kind of presentation tends to…

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