Why I Admire Those That Live Horrific Lives

Mogadishu Matt

My father once complained to me about my choice of music when I was decades younger. Guns N Roses was still around and surviving the Use Your Illusion era. Axl hadn’t completely pissed off everyone. I was frustrated in my own life, knowing that I was often losing personal battle after battle. I couldn’t seem to win with certain people.

Music was something that I seemed to dip into when I was trying to bridge gaps between dumb experiences. I didn’t space our or escape. But music was sure as shit better than whatever suckass experiences we seemed to get into.

Yeah, my parents would take away my music as a punishment. They seemed to hate everything I had. It didn’t matter if it was as tame as Aerosmith, “misogynistic” as anything connected to Axl Rose, or the ultimate menace to any decent Christian; Snoop Dee-oh-double gee. The last mention…

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