REBEL YELL: ‘A Time To Die’, Scholarly Critic Of False Terrorism, Elias Davidsson’s Obituary- By Mary W Maxwell, Ph.D, LLB


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  • “…As dispatcher for United’s 16 daily flights from East coast to West coast, Ed Ballinger said he had sent a message TO ALL HIS PILOTS when he heard there was trouble, that morning. He thus got “receipts” showing which RGS (remote ground station) had forwarded each call. In the case of UA93, the “Let’s roll” flight, the receiving RGS was not one near Shanksville, PA, but near Cleveland, Ohio. As for Flight UA175, which supposedly smashed into the South Tower, Ballinger found that the remote ground station that forwarded his message to that plane was not near New York City but near Champaign, Illinois”

A Time To Die — Obituary of Elias Davidsson, Scholarly Critic of False Terrorism

(L) Instructions for playing Elias Davidsson’s “Yiddish Wedding” (C) Elias Davidsson at Diplomatic Enclave interview (R) Child playing Davidsson’s Christmas Bells. All photos from YouTube

by Mary W Maxwell…

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