My awakening to the controlled demolition of 911!


Being in a Trance like most American’s on 911, I actually believed that terrorists hijacked planes with box cutters and flew them into the twin towers.  The absurdity of this belief to me now is completely insane. On the morning of 911 I was actually the President of a Rotary Club (which now I know is part of the cabal) running a meeting and was in shock obviously.  I went home and sat in front of my TV to get programmed with the “official” story.  I watched the buildings fall over and over again like many people.  I remember seeing the planes fly all the way thru the steel buildings coming out the other side unscathed, and said that did not see right, but I was still under the guise that no way someone would do this on purpose.  I fell for the Big LIE as Hitler so eloquently stated…

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