Disclaimer: This section serves as an indictment against the powers that influence the circumstances for war, this author has nothing against men and women who bled and sacrificed to fight against tyranny such as communism and fascism.

The modern military capital of the world sits in Washington D.C. which also holds the title of “Military District of Washington.” Since 1776, America has enforced imperialism across the world. Throughout centuries, the prominent military force has resided in Rome(or the Vatican), which is why Washington D.C. was founded as the “New Rome” or as it was called “Rome on the Potomac.” Both cities share striking similarities because they were designed harmoniously. French freemasons alongside freemason George Washington designed the city of Washington D.C., hence the name. Capitol Hill derives its name from Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome. Both Rome and Washington D.C. notoriously sit upon seven hills. “This…

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