California Just Declared War on You


The California legislature has passed SB 107, which now awaits the almost certain signature of Governor Gavin Newsom to become law. The full text of the bill is available here:

The bill’s sponsors and supporters state that this bill will make California a “sanctuary state” for “transgender” children who are “denied health care” in their home states. Now that’s bad enough already, because all that means is they will chop the penises off young boys, the breasts off young girls, given young girls complete hysterectomies, castrate young boys and do all of it while pumping their bodies full of extremely powerful artificial hormones. The effects of such barbarism are of course irreversible; not only will these children never have families of their own, most will die young in excruciating mental and physical pain.

That, however, was not bad enough for the demonic pols in charge of the left coast…

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