All News Is Fake

Banned Hipster

The only thing on the news that is real is the weather and sometimes the traffic. Everything else is show business.

So let’s recall a story from about 2010 to explain how the basic scam works.

Some roadside church on the Georgia Florida line put something “controversial” on the church sign and there is some local story. This church has maybe two hundred people, and the pastor is getting into the Internets and what passed for social media in those days.

So he changes the sign to “Islam is of the devil” and now ABC, NBC and CBS decide this is a national story: just a few years after 9/11 and a major anti-Muslim and anti-Arab war propaganda campaign, there’s a white pastor in Georgia who thinks Islam is of the devil and likely has politically incorrect views on Judaism and same sex marriage as well.

Stop the presses!


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