The Techno Dark Age


At the close of the 20th century the very air was pervaded with total self-assurance and optimism at the end of history. The last great rival, the Soviet Union had fallen and with no serious alternatives out there, it seemed clear that an enlightened golden age was nigh that would culminate in a final singularity and carry humanity past its primitive roots forever into an immortal utopia.

Scarcely 20 years later those golden dreams of grandeur lie wet and muddy in the gutter like discarded scraps of gilt confetti and every day reveals a new crack in the shiny facade of the great globalist empire. The advances in technology that followed one after another with precipitous speed since the beginning of the 19th century have finally slowed down to a relative crawl of incremental advances and the whole system creaks trying to sustain its existing infrastructure. As sclerosis sets in…

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