The influenza/coronavirus viral interference argument is and always was something like propaganda or imaginative science fiction

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The influenze/coronavirus viral interference argument is and always was something like proganda or imaginative science fiction.

I plan to write up a full article at a later date, but I’ll frame the argument…

First, there are no examples of such interference in history despite the presence of a gazillion or so viruses. That should be the first Bayesian hurdle, not knowing anything else such as a mechanism for interference.

Second, the mechanism would (99.9%) then be specific to the presence of the spike protein since that is really the only place in the virus with much machinery at all that is unique to SARS-CoV-2.

Has anyone ever explained how this novel protein relates to influenza?

Influenza is a segmented recombinant virus, meaning it can shift pieces of its genome around to combat countermeasures. That’s why it is hard to cure all at once.

So, the mechanism involved would have to…

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