NATIONALIST REVOLUTION By Ernst Junger published in May 20, 1926


Russian version can be found here

Thanks to the honorific title “nationalists”, we would like to most decisively dissociate ourselves not only from those for whom this word simply means “vileness”, but also from peace-loving inhabitants in general. A movement that wants to defend the values ​​of life by resorting to violence, and which does not care whether it is approved by conventional morality or not, is based on the dogs of war, on real tough guys who give their whole heart to the cause. These are not the small shopkeepers and marzipan growers that the age of conscription fills the army with, but men who take risks because they have a desire to take risks. These are not those sweet creatures who consider the state saved if someone walks down the street in a general’s uniform or carries a black-white-red banner, and for whom, with the fall of the throne…

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