Young Adults Dying in Record Numbers from untested mRNA ‘vaccines’, as Criminals start new Booster campaigns

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Note: Only now is the growing ‘pandemia’ of Excess Deaths and illness being linked to the ill effects of the experimental mRNA ‘vaccines’. Yet it’s now over a year since suppressed peer reviewed studies, often of official Government statistics, have predicted this horrific outcome. mRNA ‘vaccines’ slowly suppress our immune systems, and with more boosters the worse it gets. – SEE: Official Government Reports prove COVID Vaccine is to blame for frightening rise in cases of ‘Sudden Adult DeathSyndrome’

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from The Epoch Timesby Jennifer Margulis and Joe Wang Sept 7, 2022 PRINTvia thefreeonline

Nurse educator Dr. John Campbell is sounding the alert on a wave of unexplained deaths. According to the government data that Campbell has reviewed, many more people are dying than would be expected based on averages from the last five to seven years, and averages from years prior to COVID.

Many of these

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