World Commerce Corporation & the Safari Club

Reciprocal Contradiction

Continuing on from yesterday’s post, another information dump on the World Commerce Corporation –

When he wasn’t writing adventure columns and lounging about with spooks, oilmen and celebrities in Spain, Robert C. Ruark spent much of his time traveling about the African continent, participating in big game hunts on the lands of various safari resorts. But just as the written accounts of his activities in Spain, draped in knock-off Hemingway-style prose, seemed to obscure a more covert dimension, the details that he lets bleed through concerning his African ventures suggests something more. Consider, for example, the following June 1962 column titled “Five Thousand Head”, concerning a trip to ‘Safarilandia’ in Mozambique:

Safarilandia was a hang-out for the international jet-set, including figures from the Dallas business circles alluded to in the previous post and in the JFK Pseudcast episode (D.H. Byrd, the owner of the land where the Texas School…

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