The Seismic Shift in the “Vaccine” Narrative Is Happening to Sell Pandemic Treaty 2.0 in December


Many are noticing the truth is starting to trickle out from mainstream sources about the Covid “vaccines.” This is a good thing, at least on the surface, but it portends a very dark near-future.

Four weeks ago, I posted ashowandarticlethat predicted we would see a massive shift in Covid vaccine narratives that would be detrimental to President Trump. I called on him to immediately disavow the jabs by saying that he was completely misled by the “experts” in his administration and announced that he no longer supports them, let alone believes that Operation Warp Speed was his “greatest accomplishment as president.”

I was right about most of it, but I was very wrong about one important factor. I predicted the shift would happen in 2024 right in the middle of election season. It’s happening now. We’re still in the early stages of the shift, but if…

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