Russian military spotted in Arctic

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Nato referring to a “significant Russian military buildup” in the Arctic.

Jens Stoltenberg issued the warning on Friday. He said: “We realise that the importance of the High North is increasing for NATO and for Canada. Because we see a significant Russian military build-up, with new bases, new weapons system, and also using the High North as a testbed for their most advanced weapons including hypersonic missiles.”

Meanwhile,Russia has made the Arctic a focal point of its military modernization efforts, leading to a steady buildup of Russian and NATO forces throughout the region. The widespread military buildup since 2007 amplifies the potential for a conflict between Russia and NATO-allied states to spill over into the region.

Huge Russian military buildup in the Arctic

By Nick Paton Walsh, CNN

Updated 6:42 AM EDT, Mon April 05, 2021

Overview of Nagurskoye on March 16, 2021. Satellite image ©2021 Maxar Technologies

CNN)Russia is amassing unprecedented military might in the Arctic and testing its…

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