NEW! “JUSTICE for LIBERTY” Video-Taped Oral History Interviews With 11 USS Liberty Survivors, and 4 of Their Wives

LBJ: Master of Deceit

A ONE MINUTE TRAILER to a Very Important Video — Personal, Horrendous Memories From Eleven Survivors — []

A Summary / Review of This Video:

Yes, this is a very long video: 1 hour, 47+ minutes long. But it is essential for anyone to completely understand what happened aboard the Liberty ship that day.

The brutally vicious deadly attack intrinsically required the kind of person behind it to be similarly brutal. There is no objectively sound alternative to that assertion, and, considering all the evidence compiled, only LBJ had the power, the narcissistic-mania, the motive, and the opportunity to do what had been done.

His power extended to having executive control over the Israeli leadership then in power. In contrast to that, there has never been a believable account that any Israeli political or military leader ever possessed a realistic motive for having done what they did, aside from the…

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