A Helpful Tip For Quitting Social Media

existential ergonomics

I became inactive on social media about eight years ago. I deleted all accounts except Facebook because all of those “friends” I had. After four years, Facebook was gone too. It wasn’t easy. Those things are made to be highly addictive, offering continual hits of dopamine. While Facebook was disabled, but not yet deleted, I received multiple emails per day teasing me to go see what so-and-so had posted. I had to mark them as spam to avoid the temptation.

Like someone quitting any other bad habit, I tried and failed multiple times before it stuck. Recently a fellow blogger posted about how using a dumb phone can help curb social media addition. That reminded me of how I finally found success.

I studied psychology in college and, while that was an ignorant and regrettable decision, it taught me a lot about human motivation and methods of manipulation. I…

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