Young Men — Be As A Journalist Is Supposed To Be

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As a tenth grader, I took a journalism class. I learned such things as always find out who, where, how, why, when, etc. Also, if applicable, to provide both (or more) sides of a story. Then there was the biggie concept, to be skeptical of what you are being told. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one should assume that people are lying, but rather to check things out from many sources. To look into past information to see how it might be relevant to the current situation. To try to put together a coherent whole where what you have been told is consistent with everything else around it.

Sometimes things will match up, sometimes they won’t, and sometimes there will be ambiguity. The last case is why it was important for journalists to present both sides of a story. One might ask as to how a journalist could tolerate such…

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