Wikispooks Vanishes from the Net – Have the Spreaders of Disinformation Had Anything to Do with It?

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Wikispooks is a small online encyclopaedia for the study of deep politics. It includes many topics not covered completely or accurately in Wikipedia, for example, sexual blackmail, the Epstein network, intelligence services infiltrating media, genocidal billionaires, the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders, the Bilderberg network, war propaganda and more.

Additionally, asa post on their Telegram channelstates: “We make many Wiki-pages of independent journalists and other people blacklisted or smeared in Wikipedia and by Google. This makes Wikispooks unpopular in certain circles.”

From a week ago, and without warning, most people around the world could no longer accessWikispooks’ website. If you try, all you will get is: “This site can’t be reached.’s DNS address could not be found.” Why?

Wikispooks have fallen victim to a DNS attack.

Wikispooks on Telegram, 25 August 2022

Adomain name system

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