Reality Check About Russian Operations Against the Scourge of Nazified Ukraine

The Stephen Lendman Blog

In his book, titled Operation Z, intelligence/terrorism expert, Jacques Baud (JB below), explains reality about Russia’s overwhelming military superiority and how US/Western propaganda manipulated Ukraine to self-destruct, JB saying:

“The aim of (his) book is to show how (MSM) misinformation…push(ed) Ukraine in the wrong direction,” adding:

“I wrote it under the motto ‘from the way we understand crises derives the way we (address) them.”

By concealing reality on the ground, US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators created “a caricatural and artificial image of the situation” to manipulate the public mind by endless repetition of fiction over indisputable facts on the ground.

As a result, diplomatic conflict resolution is “virtually impossible.”

It’s been the Biden regime’s aim all along to perpetuate forever proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia, ignoring the growing risk of direct confrontation between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

JB also stressed the following:

“(O)ne-sided (US/Western misinformation and…

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