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Does the U.S. Need a More Adaptive Geospatial Technology Policy? Implications for Intelligence Gathering in the Age of Satellites

By Emma Moon 8/23/2019


Satellites are now the most widely used space technology, providing both private and public entities with an ever-increasing arsenal of imagery technology. The intelligence community, in particular, relies on geospatial technology in many ways. So do national and international corporations, and adversarial state and non state sponsored actors. In short, those tasked with maintaining national security are sometimes using the very same tools as those attempting to disrupt it. Given that this is such an influential technology, it is surprising that there is no clearly defined legal framework to address the growth in this industry (Von der Dunk, 2015). Geospatial technology will continue to improve, and it is unclear whether the current legal policy will be sufficient to address emerging challenges. Solutions to issues about privacy…

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