California Governor Reminds All Correct Thinking Citizens to Remain Committed to Scarce Energy Resource Allocation


Posted originally on the conservative tree house on September 6, 2022 | Sundance

Comrade Citizens, it is important we stop thinking wrong thoughts about increasing the supply of abundant, natural energy resources as a tool to offset the sustainability of human life which might include selfish pursuits of happiness. Correct thinking citizens view themselves as parasites upon our great planet, especially in California.

To affirm equity needs of our collective society as the electricity resource becomes increasingly scarce, California Governor Gavin Newsom reminds everyone to change their habit for electricity use and embrace the new era of scarcity. Habits must be changed comrade citizens if we are to collectively work toward our communal energy goals and climate change aspirations.

As dear leader clearly expresses in his plea for voluntary compliance, we can get through this transition and embrace the new scarcity mindset if we just accept our responsibility to the collective…

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