Training Notes: “Line of Sight” Shooting

The Tactical Hermit


There is a lot to be said about how important it is to be fast and accurate with a gun when you are shooting to save your life or the life of others. I often tell students when they first start out that speed with a firearm is all about efficiency of motion. Start out by closely examining your draw stroke and/or presentation (recording it with your phone is the best way) and then eliminate any “un-needed” or “jerky” motions within the drawstroke. The old adage “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast” is what should guide you here.

After you have smoothed out your presentation of the weapon, now it is time to get the gun into the fight.

One of the quickest ways to do this is to bring the weapon into your line of sight. Start out by squarely looking at your target and imagine where you…

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