Hungary officials warn education is becoming ‘too feminine’

State auditors express fears ‘pink education’ threatens boys’ mental health, risks lowering the birthrate, and damaging the country’s economy. The report has sparked an uproar in Hungarian and international media.

The work, entitled “Signs of Pink Education in Hungary?!,” waspublishedon July 1 and reported by Nepszava newspaper.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has sought to emphasize what he has described as“traditional” valuesin his self-proclaimed“illiberal democracy,”including enshrining in the constitution that a family is comprised by the union of a man and a woman.

“Where there’s a difference in the educational attainment of a marrying couple, the bride is usually more educated than the groom,” according to the report. “If this tendency continues, the inequity in higher education may risk a drop in births due to the reduced probability of women choosing to marry and bear children.”

Population collapse due to low birth rates is a…

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