How to Live at the End of the World | Reflections & Notes

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Travis Holloway. How to Live at the End of the World: Theory, Art, and Politics for the Anthropocene. Stanford University Press, 2022. (130 pages)


The ominous phrase “the end of the world” evokes despair. But as climate change and ecological collapse continue to be a “catastrophe in slow motion,” we would actually be wise to welcome an end of the world, adding R.E.M.’s line, “as we know it.” This is @traviswholloway’s thesis, and I feel very fine accepting, adopting, and advocating for this view. For “the world” that is coming to an end, signaled by the label “Anthropocene,” is one that has brought us to this brink, and if it can actually come to an end, that just might do the trick to turn the tide and rescue the actual world, and ourselves, from this “world” that we’ve built.

This is more than just philosophy-speak. To sum…

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