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Did President Franklin Roosevelt know about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The infamous date of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was Sunday, December 7th, 1941. It was described by President Roosevelt as “a date that will live in infamy”. Robert B. Stinnett’s book on Pearl Harbor, Day of Deceit, brings to question much of what has, and more importantly, what hasn’t been written about Japan’s attack on the base. In “Pearl Harbor: Official Lies in an American War Tragedy?”

Stinnett presents overwhelming evidence that FDR and his military advisors were fully aware that Japanese warships were planning an attack on the United States military base in Hawaii. After solid evidence, Stinnet argues further that not only did Roosevelt know, but he intentionally provoked an attack from the Japanese so that the United States could join the world’s theater of war without drawing first blood. Richard Bernstein of The New…

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