America is…the World’s Reality TV Show.


Hunting Season is Open

I was intending to move on from the “America is…” theme and began to tackle the minor topic of human morality, but then the clouds parted, the pandemic was declared over and U.S. citizens got back to killin’. Perhaps this country was better off being ravaged by a fictional virus. Pandemic deniers might argue that the recent spate of mass shootings including those in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, Texas claimed more lives than the “fake” Covid-19 virus did. Whether you believe in the reality of Covid or not, the country has moved on from the lockdowns and health safety restrictions and has returned to its normal staple of homicides. I’ve already tackled this topic in a previous post so I’ll spare the regurgitation. This much is still true about the way our country handles gun violence:

  • Politicians are craven to private/corporate interest and will only do…

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