Ukraine, NATO Update


In the video above, grenade down the hatch.

Here is Mark Wouk for an update:

Ukraine, NATO Update

It’s a crazy world—we’re getting bombarded with information and disinformation at an incredible pace. Nowhere is this more true than with regard to the war on Russia. The latest example of disinformation about Ukraine is the so-called Ukrainian “counter-offensive” toward Kherson. In reality, most knowledgeable military commentators regard this as a failed attempt at a tactical advance—failed, because not only have the Ukrainians failed to make any sustainable advance, but in the process of being defeated they have suffered horrendous losses of their best trained and armed forces. Yesterday, beyond the Russian official claims and stats regarding Ukrainian KIAs, I heard Scott Ritter state that hospitals in the nearby city of Nikolaev are overflowing with many thousands of wounded Ukrainian soldiers. In effect, as Ritter and others have maintained, this was…

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3 thoughts on “Ukraine, NATO Update

      1. Thanks! I do recall something along those lines but had basically fenced it off as just too much chaff among the wheat…at my age of 78, I’m unable to keep pace with all the “modern” IT tweets, terms, emojis, insults, innuendoes, “isms,” incitements….

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