Israeli attacks on Syrian airports, Russian S300s and the Israeli rumour mill

The Wall Will Fall

On August 31st 2022 Israel targeted both Aleppo and Damascus International Airports in Syria. The attacks were one hour apart.

At 8pm three powerful explosions rocked Aleppo City. Israel had attacked the runway of Aleppo Interntional Airport damaging the western zone. The Airport was out of service until the 2nd September when the Syrian Ministry of Transport announced it was operational again.

There is also a possibility that Russian military personnel were present in small numbers at Aleppo Airport when Israel attacked. This would signal a change in Israeli tactics although some reports have claimed that Israel gave a ten minute warning to Russians on the ground.

Four Israeli F-16s launched 8 missiles targeting Aleppo Airport from the Mediterranean coastal waters without entering Syrian airspace. According to sources Israel took advantage of a gap in air defence between Latakia and Tartous which was a result of previous Israeli attacks. This…

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