Constitutional Mandate

Term limits must be implemented…it would be a good start

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Constitutional Mandate

There seems to be a bit of confusion over what the Constitution says, at least when it comes to Congress. What we have been seeing are individual members of Congress blatantly going from law maker to law breaker while holding it up as “patriotism” for all to see.

One of the biggest fallacies is when a Senator or Representative has decided in their own mind that THEY ALONE can do a better job as President, than the sitting President of the United States.

Let’s use former Senator/President Barack Obama as our first prime example.

As an 8 year Senator what was his claim to fame – Anyone? I can’t think of anything either. So he decides that he is going to be THE ONE and is elected as POTUS #44.

What is his claim to fame as President – D.A.C.A. (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), an executive…

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