The Price of Using the Free App TikTok


Carter Heavy Industries

Why would social media app ‘TikTok’ be collecting massive amounts of data on Western users?

TikTok’s massive data collection of it’s users was recently discovered when Jeremy Burge, head of the online emoji directory ‘Emojipedia‘, shared a video showing alerts of data being transferred by TikTok each time he typed a keystroke on his phone, or in other words; TikTok was key-logging user’s messages, according to the video he posted;

[Screencapture video of TikTok keystroke logging in real time – now deleted].

This means that anything you typed on your phone may have been seen by whoever TikTok was sending the data to. The world only came to learn this was happening because of a new security feature in iOS 14 for iPhones that gives users a notification when an app is collecting user data.

Apple had added the new security feature after finding an issue with iOS…

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