The Conspiracy is Spiritual in Essence

The Transparent Unicorn

By The Transparent Unicorn for Real Currencies and The Transparent Unicorn

Many alternative media bloggers and commentators often feel uncomfortable with addressing the “politically incorrect” aspects of the war the elites are waging against humanity. They would prefer to focus only on the technical or material aspects, such as the mathematical instability of our monetary system, or on possible reforms of the political system, which they consider to be the core issues.

On the one hand, their arguments are sensible. It is possible to objectively demonstrate, for instance, that our monetary system is dysfunctional and mathematically unstable regardless of who controls it. Moreover, by doing so without referring to subjective viewpoints, the argument is made more accessible to a wide variety of readers, regardless of their religious or political views. In that sense, bringing in a spiritual or ideological dimension may indeed dilute the message and render it less palatable…

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