Speculations on Post-Covid America

From 2020, would be great to see a 2022 update

Reciprocal Contradiction

That globalization as it has been known, from its beginnings in the 70s and 80s and rapid acceleration in the ‘posthistorical’ 90s through today, has been under threat is not a new observations. Ever the target of discontent, it was the enemy of choice for a hosts of movements, formal and informal, that spanned the political spectrum, from the postmodern populisms and anarchically-inclined anti-globalization actors of the 90s (a pair that, interestingly enough, was often not as far apart as one might think), to the latter day Occupy movement and ascendancy of social democratic politics. But in 2015-2016, what was once held at by the well-oiled machine of establishment consensus seemed to implode with the rise of Trump, playing out against the backdrop of a worldwide insurgency. Across Europe, euroskeptical movements were suddenly racing forward, seemingly from nowhere (they were, of course, always there).

“Our most pressing political problem today”…

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