Russia has already achieved one of the main objectives of its war against NATO.


Last December Putin asked Washington for security guarantees in the face of NATO’s continued advance on its borders. He did not receive them, which meant that Russia had to expect a NATO invasion sooner or later. Since Russia has a vast territory, ground forces play the main role in repelling a NATO invasion.

The mobility of ground forces is ensured by Russian armored vehicles, which exist in large numbers, are extremely robust and well protected. There is also a new generation of armored vehicles, superior to Western ones (the T-14 Armata tank, the T-15 infantry fighting machine and Kurganets-25, the K-16 Boomerang armored transport vehicle, the Koalition self-propelled howitzer), ready to be mass-produced in case of a threat.

Firepower is provided by artillery and missiles. The Russian chemical industry produces the most competitive solid fuels with high impulse, used for infantry ammunition, artillery shells, MLRS rockets and the Iskander surface-to-surface…

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