Jews Control Freemasons


cognitive gateway

The stewards of internet truther-ism jump breathlessly in front of their high-end microphones and podcasting cams to deliver some decades-old data: freemasonry has infiltrated the Vatican! Bugnini was a freemason! John Paul the I died inexplicably, yet Cardinal Villot provided neither details nor autopsy! Saint Paul VI didn’t really care about anything (aside from his boyfriend, the Italian actor)! Gateway’s friend Tancred at Eponymous Flower details the action surrounding the release of a certain book covering the topic.

The one thing that we really need to know about freemasonry

never crosses the lips of far too many of our vaunted Catholic internet truthers: freemasonry is a Jewish operation. From its doctrines, to its directorship and control, to its criminally subversive character, to its rabid hatred of Christ our King, every aspect of the lodge mirrors an equally repugnant facet of the Global Synagogue.

Origin and Doctrine

Few authors convey the…

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