Stratification Economics?

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Science is naturally subdivided into specialties and sub-specialties. In the physical sciences isolation of one specialty from another isn’t too much of a problem, because all share a common framework. Chemistry acknowledges the laws of physics and vice versa. There is also a shared framework in biology in the form of species classification, evolution, genetics, and the like. Social science is without this kind of common understanding. Specialties studying in effect the same thing can evolve in isolation from one another. Professional incentives (need to publish, get research grants etc.) favor fission, ‘niche creation,’ and self-isolation. As a result, the professional associations for psychology (which is mostly social) and sociology (which is all social) have subdivided into more than one hundred divisions, all without the kind of theoretical framework that links physical and biological science. Criticism is then confined to each division. There is virtually no chance for an…

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