Gun Manufacturers Leaving Blue States

The O.K. Corral

Good news, everyone! It has taken a while, but it appears many gun manufacturers are packing up and leaving blue states, and traveling to gun-friendly states. Sucks to be you, Massachusetts. Your idiotic anti-Second Amendment policies just cost you a ton of revenue which will be enjoyed in Tennessee.

America’s gun manufacturers are not sticking around where they are not wanted. Many of those manufacturers, who have been headquartered in the blue states of the northeast since the founding of the country, are picking up stakes, and moving to more gun-friendly red states.

The latest of those to join the exodus from blue state America is Smith & Wesson, which is moving its headquarters from Massachusetts to Tennessee next year.

Smith & Wesson is a monster in the firearms business. The loss of jobs and cash is insurmountable.

The final straw for Smith & Wesson came in the form…

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