Federal court strikes down Democrat plan to force Christian doctors to mutilate children


One of the concerns I had about having a Democrat take over the government was that Christian doctors and nurses would be forced to perform abortions against their will. You might remember that many Christians had previously voted for Obama, and he had pushed through Obamacare – legislation that forced Christian companies like Hobby Lobby to cover abortion-causing drugs.

Although Hobby Lobby was able to win at the Supreme Court, and escape the abortion drug mandate, there was more in Obamacare to fear.

Here’s the latest from The Federalist:

A federal court on Friday struck down Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services’ attempt to force doctors to perform mutilative transgender surgeries against their religious beliefs and conscience objections.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the lawsuit Franciscan Alliance v. Becerra that “a Catholic healthcare network and a group of nearly 19,000 healthcare professionals cannot be required to carry…

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