Ukraine Conflict Is Cursed.


After the false flag 911 wars 2 planes turned 3 towers to dust and illness is related to radiation sickness and cars blew up miles away. A 7 trillion war with only jewish billionaires and Israel as beneficiaries.

A Ukraine war classic Kuhven Kiliergri plan war a pure horror story and a replication of allied occult driven atrocities from the Rheinland Meadows of Eisenhower which starved to death 1,5 million German POW’s to 2 million rapes and starving 12 million German civilians and forced marches of millions to east Germany see the book Other Loses by James Baque and the other book Hellstorm. The starvation is linked to war and war is linked to the occult as military traditions are occult and aid the super class which causes wars. Any scan of anorexia u tube sees the devils outsmarting the human mind and often the victim looks in a…

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