Top Gun: Comfort Nostalgia

The American Sun

If a film makes a billion dollars and is not Disney-Marvel crap, it is a pop culture moment. Beyond just the normal reviews, political pundits jumped into the popcorn movie film review waters. When my teenage son asked me to go see Top Gun: Maverick, I told him he could be my wingman. We watched the original film so he would understand the set up for Maverick and caught a matinee for full on nostalgia and shared cultural content bonding. The American empire might be wobbly right now, but we plebians can sit back for two hours and enjoy some ’80s styled entertainment.

This film is a throwback to the ’80s Reagan can do attitude that permeated action films. America: pure and good. Machismo: needed. War: let’s pick fights because we know we can get the job done. Now this had to pay the wokegeld and we see a…

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