Sun Cult Exuberant Over Brief Moment When Solar Delivered: Then Came Sunset…


What’s really powering Australians around the clock.

The infantile mentality of the renewables cult is on vivid display when they crow about wind or solar adding something meaningful to the grid. Always brief and fleeting, the 60 minutes when solar or wind did something special, is always trumpeted as if no one else cares about their power needs for the other 23 hours in a day. It’s a little like cheering on the plucky disabled kid, knowing he’ll never win the race but he should get full credit for trying.

A week or so back, it was solar’s time to shine (for a brief 30 minutes, anyway).

As Eric Worrall reports, the hubris was short-lived, as Australia coal-fired power plants picked up the yoke and kept the power coming after the Sun set, as they’ve done faithfully for the best part of a century.

Aussie Triumph? Solar Briefly Overtook Coal, then…

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