Putin and Trump have always warned about nuclear war. They are not “Pawns of the Illuminati.”

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The truth movement that was supposed to save America talks about things like. Is Michele Obama a man? They talk about how no one died at Sandy Hook and there were no victims they were crisis actors.

Everything is very slick there is always fake blood and disguises. The truth is uncovered by looking at news clips and showing how the events are fake. Like looking at a scene from a mystery movie.

Well, I will say this even if Miss Obama has a penis and all the Sandy Hook Satanic kids were actors, and they are alive and well what does it matter?

The answer is no. It is an X-files scooby doo fantasy. We know the truth you fools. Trump and Putin and everyone are an Illuminati!

Nothing has happened as a result of putting so much energy into thinking about bullshit like this.

That is right even…

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