Leaked document exposes hidden Western hand behind new British-style anti-worker slave laws in Ukraine

The Free

by SlobodanKolomoets on 1 Sep, 2022 at a Western Banned News Agency via thefreeonline

How London played a role in Zelensky’s newest clampdown on the rights of the country’s citizens with Zero hour contracts

In a scheme which may have been devised in far away London, Europe’s lowest paid workforce has just lost some of the few precious protections it had. The measure flies in the face of Ukraine’s apparent ambitions to join the European Union.

On August 22, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky ratified highly controversial new labor laws, ones that have wide-ranging negative implications for the overwhelming majority of the country’s workers.

Employees work at the steel production of the Melitopol autotractor spare parts factory, in Melitopol, Ukraine.

Collectively known as Bill 5371, the legislation robs up to 70 percent of Ukrainian employees of rights and protections provided under the country’s established national labor law, while severely…

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