Israel New War Crime: Bombing Aleppo’s Airport – Expect a Retaliation


Repeated Israeli war crimes are only possible with the unlimited support and protection provided to these war radical anti-Jewish foreign settlers occupying Palestine, the latest Israeli war crime was the bombing of Aleppo International Airport yesterday late evening.

In a double bombing, Israel fired a barrage of missiles against the civilian airport in northern Syria from the sea and another barrage against several sites south of the capital Damascus from over the occupied Golan.

Israel has this year alone bombed Syria’s two main seaports in Latakia and Tartous, Damascus International Airport, and now Aleppo International Airport.

Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kurdish SDF separatists and other terrorists are constantly bombing other infrastructure, and their NATO sponsors and the Turkish and US armies continue stealing Syrian factories, oil, and food.

If you think war crimes go unpunished, you have not read history properly. If you think the US empire is untouchable, you do…

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